The ability to recover and to respond positively

In order to evolve both personally and professionally, it is important to develop. Personal development is the very essence of the advancement of each being. In this context, resilience is essential because we talk about the must in the field. Understanding this concept will, later, better understand it and then use it better.

Understand the concept

The personal resilience is a concept that was popularized about 20 years ago now. Generally, this concept is used in psychology and resilience mainly means resisting or bouncing. Note that the message sent by these words is unavoidable if one wants to live in a more harmonious way. We are talking about a notion of life and not just a word to add to our vocabulary. After all, this word is better used today than it was a generation ago. Clearly, the old folks focused on tightening their belts and making concessions when today it is simply impossible to live in denial. It is from the acceptance of concerns that we can consider facing them later. Settling them will be much simpler as well. It will inevitably result in something positive.

Only positive

Resilience is more than just a concept today. We are talking about a weapon, a trophy that is accessible to everyone. Resilience allows you to work and optimize your self-confidence and thus lead us to adopt new concepts such as the ability to recover or always respond positively. The simple denial has even gone from public display. Indeed, nowadays, problems are always unveiled so that everyone understands its magnitude whereas before, the taboo subjects were mostly hidden. It is rewarding for everyone to understand that life has been hard, but that it is possible to bounce back. Of course, this notion is applicable in all fields. Like the world of work for example, this notion is well anchored in an area where competition is tough!

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