Making your collaboration easier

A company is born of a desire to build and flourish. Over time, you will realize that you need friends, partners with whom you can evolve and share your ideas. We define this by the need of esteem since from now on, you will form a big firm. However, it takes a good relationship to move in the same direction. A touch of technology would help you that way.

The beginnings of an empire

A company finds its apogee when it becomes a company. Indeed, when it carries a mark beyond the borders of a country, it is because it has a most promising future. This, however, requires collaboration between several people. And when we talk about collaborating, we always imply long discussions, meetings, meetings ... To ensure a perfect understanding, it is often required to move to converge to a common point. However, when a society is scattered around the globe, moving to any meeting would be a waste of money in the long run. This especially when other alternatives arise. It is in this context that AMA XpertEye. This project is designed to bring you closer wherever you are. This is a good solution for any meetings and surely the best in case of emergency.


The project of this French startup is based on two technologies. These are the connected universe and assisted reality. The first concerns the sharing of information via a communication network, whether local or through operators. The second refers to changes in reality, or at least how it is perceived. Indeed, adding a few objects to a real image can lead to other visions, sometimes even different from reality. By integrating all this into a telescope, the project makes you easy in the field of communication. You will have an effective video conferencing solution since you will be able to share your actions, your visions, your voice ... You will be able to edit images in real time and thus share the content with other users. Apart from that, you will no longer need to use your computer to transmit files ...

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